iLINC: the European Network of ICT Law Incubators


The main objective of iLINC is to establish an open European Network of law incubators that supports the provision of legal services to ICT start-ups and entrepreneurs. The services are delivered by postgraduate students from leading university-based law institutions at Queen Mary University of London and the Universities of Amsterdam (IViR), Leuven and Hamburg.
iLINC is achieving this objective by focussing on:

– Understanding the legal requirements of start-ups;
– Developing and exchanging best-practices for service delivery from law incubators across a European (and  extensions to a US network);
– Developing and sharing best practices for linking student project engagement with learning programmes; and
– Establishing a platform for collaboration with focussed events and an online portal.
Prof. Van Eechoud is lead on Work Package 3 ‘Links to learning’. Dr. Ronan Fahy is project-researcher on that WP.

See also the news item (in Dutch) on our website.