Conference “Rethinking Media Law and Policy for Europe”

The media landscape has undergone significant structural transformations in the past decades, raising complex challenges for media law and policy. The dominant role of digital platforms in the communications ecosystem has had a disruptive impact on the sustainability of news media as well as on the quality and accuracy of information products. In increasingly politicised media environments, journalists and other media actors face sustained political pressure, attacks and distrust. The evolution of generative AI systems poses new challenges and may change the development and remuneration of news and media productions profoundly.

Against this background, the Conference offers a unique opportunity to explore the outcomes of an international study project developing new directions in news and media law (see further information here) and discuss these new avenues from a practical and policy-oriented perspective.

In sessions that leave ample room for discussion, the Conference will address:

  • Session 1: Constitutional and Institutional Changes and Challenges
  • Session 2: Public Interest, Quality, Pluralism – Regulatory Questions
  • Session 3: Financial Sustainability and Press Publishers’ Right
  • Session 4: Technology Impact – Platforms and AI

The afternoon programme is offered in cooperation with the Dutch copyright association (Vereniging voor Auteursrecht).

Information & Registration

For VvA members who wish to obtain PO points, the usual sign in and sign out rules apply. Please indicate upon registration whether you are VvA member.

Date: 6 October 2023
Time: 8.30-18.00
Place: West-Indisch Huis, Herenmarkt 99, 1013 EC Amsterdam
See also the flyer.


8:45Welcome and Introduction
Martin Senftleben, IViR
9:00Session 1: Constitutional and Institutional Changes and Challenges
Chair: Tarlach McGonagle, IViR  
9:05New European Media Law: Enforcement, Compliance and Democratic Deficit
Tanja Kerševan Smokvina
9:15EU Policies and Regulations and Media Capture
Marius Dragomir and Zsuzsa Detrekői
9:25Media Sanctions and Russian Propaganda
Andrei Richter and Anna Smulders
9:45Fundamental Rights Aspects of EU Media Regulation
Tarlach McGonagle
9:55Pan-European Media Policy for Human Rights Protection
Max van Drunen
10:05European Media Policy Transfer
Krisztina Rozgonyi
11:00Session 2: Public Interest, Quality, Pluralism – Regulatory Questions
Chair: Kristina Irion, IViR
11:05Public Service Media and Information Disorder
Minna Aslama Horowitz and Marius Dragomir
11.15Media Ownership Transparency and Ownership Restrictions
Josef Trappel
11.25Evolution of “Harm” from Content Services
Sally Broughton Micova
11.35Disinformation Online: Co-regulation and Multi-stakeholderism
Elda Brogi
11:45Panel Discussion
Panelists: Emmanuelle Machet (European Platform of Regulatory Authorities), Bernd Holznagel (University of Münster), Damian Tambini (London School of Economics)
13:30Algemene Ledenvergadering VvA
Only for members of the Dutch ALAI group (VvA members)
14:00Session 3: Financial Sustainability and Press Publishers’ Right
Chair: Mireille van Eechoud (IViR & Dutch Copyright Association VvA)
14:05Harmonization and Fragmentation
Eleonora Rosati
14:15Negotiation Frameworks
Martin Kretschmer and Ula Furgal
14:25Competition Law and Remuneration Claims
Moritz Sutterer
14:35Press Publishers’ Right: A Response to AI Challenges?
Daniel Gervais
14:45Panel Discussion
Panelists: Mira Herens (NVJ (Dutch Federation of Journalists)), Aurore Raoux (News Media Europe), Tobias Mckenney (Google), Stef van Gompel (Vrije Universiteit)
16:15Session 4: Technology Impact – Platforms and AI
Chair: Martin Senftleben
16:20Journalism, Platforms and the Structures of Public Speech
Andrew Kenyon
16:30Awful but Lawful Content and Hybrid Governance
Stephan Dreyer
16:40Regulating Influencers
Nadia Feci and Peggy Valcke
17:00Digital Constitutionalism: Media Freedom and Right to Information Online
Bernd Justin Jütte
17:10Welfare Economics and Interventions in News Markets in the Age of AI
Joost Poort
17:20News Media and Big Tech’s Lobby Efforts
Kristina Irion and Melinda Rucz
Martin Senftleben, IViR