Simone Schroff

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schroff Dr. Simone Schroff is a researcher in copyright law at the Institute for Information Law of the University of Amsterdam. She completed a BA in History and Politics at Keele University and a MA European Governance at Exeter University (distinction). She has since gained a PhD from the University of East Anglia (UK) where she defended her thesis The Evolution of Copyright Policy 1880-2010:  A Comparison between Germany, the UK, the US and the International Level. She specialises in the qualitative, quantitative and comparative analysis of copyright law and policy. Her main areas of interest are copyright and related rights in the digital context, the driving forces of copyright development and the framing of copyright policy. Simone Schroff has published parts of her work and was awarded the Outstanding Publication by a Postgraduate Research Student Award from the University of East Anglia Law School for her article titled ‘The (Non) Convergence of Copyright Policy’. Dr. Simone Schroff has previously worked on a project for the RCUK Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in the Creative Economy (CREATe). In this context, she has focused on the regulation of collective management organisations within the EU. She has been an Associated Researcher for the RCUK Centre for Copyright and New Business Models in the Creative Economy (CREATe) since 2013. At IViR, she has worked with Dr. Lucie Guibault on a range of projects relating to digitisation and cultural heritage. Dr. Simone Schroff is currently a Canon Foundation Fellow, working as a Guest Scholar at Waseda University (Tokyo, Japan). Her research focuses on the selective enforcement of copyright rights, in particular where copyright owners draw the line between infringing behaviour that can be tolerated and those actions which cannot. She is also interested in how this enforcement relates to business models in the contents industries more broadly.