Of Authorship and Originality: Focus Workshop

30 October 2010, Cambridge

The first workshop of the OOR project was held at the Emmanual College, Cambridge. The research team members discussed the research design with leading academics from a variety of humanities’ disciplines (music studies, film & television studies, law, philosophy, languages, information sciece).


Andrew BennettProfessor of English and Research Fellow, Department of English, University of Bristol
Georgina BornProfessor of Music and Anthropology, Oxford University
John CaughieHonorary Professorial Research Fellow, University of Glasgow; Theatre, Film and Television Studie
Anne DanielsenProfessor and Head of Research, Department of Musicology, University of Oslo, Norway
Jane GinsburgMorton L. Janklow Professor of Literary and Artistic Property Law, Columbia New York
Florian HartlingResearch Associate at the Department of Media and Communication Studies, Halle, Germany
Eva Hemmungs WirtenProfessor in Library and Information Science, Uppsala University, Sweden
Peter LarsenProfessor, Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen, Norway
Sam RicketsonProfessor at Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne, Australia
Patrick Valiquet 
Martha WoodmanseeProfessor of English and Law, Cape Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Research team members:

  • Lionel Bently
  • Laura Biron
  • Elena Cooper
  • Mireille van Eechoud
  • Jostein Gripsrud
  • Stef van Gompel
  • Bernt Hugenholtz
  • Erlend Lavik


Focus workshop Emmanuel College Cambridge  
9.30WelcomeLionel Bently
 Introduction round 
10.00Multidisciplinary research into Authorship & OrginalityMireille van Eechoud
 Infomedia project: Authorship in Collective ArtsJostein Gripsrud
10.45Coffee break 
11.00Relationship between humanities and law as hermeneutics disciplinesErlend Lavik
13.00Philosophical conceptions of authorship and their impact on copyright lawLaura Biron
 Short Q&A 
13.30On the Mischievous Author TropeMartha Woodmansee
 Short Q&A 
14.00Music and Authorship in the Age of Digital (Re)ProductionAnne Danielsen
 Short Q&A 
14.30Tea break 
14.45Discussion: Implications for the research projects (all)