Improving access to and reuse of R&I results, publications and data for scientific purposes

What is needed to make the EU’s regulatory framework work well from the perspective of scientific research? As part of the EU’s digital agenda, the regulatory framework that affects scientific research is undergoing a fast transformation. Legislation like the Open data directive, Copyright in the Digital Single Market directive, Data Act, Data Governance Act, Digital Services Act and AI Act all impact access, sharing and reuse of data for research purposes.

The project will be an intensive 6-month assignment consisting of various methods such as surveys, literature review, cost-benefit analysis, multi-criteria analysis, and an interview programme with key stakeholders and legal experts.

The study’s main objective is to assist the EC in the delivery of the main outcomes of priority action 2 of the European Research Area Policy Agenda 2022-2024, which aims to “Propose an EU copyright and data legislative and regulatory framework fit for research”. This will be done through two main outcomes:

1. Identifying barriers and challenges to access and reuse of publicly funded R&I results and of publications and data for scientific purposes and identifying potential impacts on research through an analysis of relevant provisions under EU copyright and data legislation and related regulatory frameworks and of relevant institutional and national initiatives.

2. Proposing legislative and non-legislative measures to improve the current EU copyright and data legislative and regulatory frameworks to make it fit for scientific research, open research data and ERA.

PPMI will be leading this project with leading experts in the field: Institute for Information Law University of Amsterdam (IViR), KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP Law (CiTiP), and Sant’Anna Pisa (SSSA).