Dr. L. Weigl

UvA Profile
Postdoctoral researcher

Linda Weigl is a political scientist and a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Information Law (IViR). In her doctoral thesis, Reflections of Sovereignty in Policy and Technology, she integrates perspectives from science and technology studies, political science, and law to analyse the implications of sovereignty-driven datafication governance mechanisms at both the institutional and individual level. At IViR, Linda is part of the Trust RPA, which studies the evolution of trust in response to emerging algorithmic trust production technologies and explores the potential disruptions to existing trust relationships. Her research aims to provide insights into the legal and socio-technological safeguards and limitations of trust and trustworthiness in the context of techno-political infrastructures, such as decentralized transaction protocols, online platforms, or AI. Furthermore, she investigates the extent to which technology-centric solutions of said infrastructures can be reconciled with democratic criteria and public values.