I. M. Banks

UvA Profile
PhD candidate

Isabella Banks is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Information Law (IViR). Her socio-legal research focuses on human oversight of automated decision support systems in the justice sector. Supervised by Prof. dr. Natali Helberger, Prof. dr. Linnet Taylor, and Prof. dr. mr. Iris van Domselaar, her PhD project is part of the OCW-funded Gravitation program AlgoSoc, which explores how public values can be realized in the algorithmic society.

Isabella studied social science (BA) at Wesleyan University and international criminology (MSc) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam as a Fulbright Scholar. Previously, she conducted research at the Center for Justice Innovation (formerly the Center for Court Innovation), the Public International Law & Policy Group (PILPG), and The Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL). In 2015, she spent a year independently researching restorative justice practices in eight countries as part of the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship.