Summer Course on International Copyright Law & Policy 2024


Monday 1 July 2024
8:45-9:15Welcome, Reception and coffee
9:15-9:30  Opening Session,   
by Martin Senftleben and João Pedro Quintais 
9:30-12:30  International Framework of Protection and Policy issues,  
by Martin Senftleben
14:00-17:00  Trade and Investment Agreements,  
by Daniel Gervais  
17:30-19:30  Boat tour on Amsterdam canals and welcome dinner (BOAT DEPARTS FROM HIPPOPOTAMUS BRIDGE bridge (Nijlpaardenbrug) – Entrepotdok
Tuesday 2 July 2024
9:00-9:30Welcome, Reception and coffee 
9:30-12:30  Copyright and Human Rights,
by Elena Izyumenko and João Pedro Quintais
14:00-17:00  Copyright Exceptions and Limitations,
by Pamela Samuelson and Bernt Hugenholtz
Wednesday 3 July 2024
9:00-9:30Welcome, Reception and coffee 
9:30-12:30Intermediary Liability and Online Copyright Enforcement,  
by Remy Chavannes and João Pedro Quintais 
Afternoon and Evening Free
Thursday 4 July 2024
9:00-9:30Welcome, Reception and coffee 
9:30-12:30Authors’ Rights and Remuneration,
by Bernt Hugenholtz and Severine Dusollier
14:00-17:00Collective Administration of Rights in the Digital Era,  
by Daniel Gervais 
Friday 5 July 2024
9:00-9:30Welcome, Reception and coffee 
9:30-12:30 Copyright, Data and Artificial Intelligence,
by Fred von Lohmann and Martin Senftleben
13:30-14:20International and EU Policy updates,
by Paul Keller
14:30-17:00Policy Exercise,
by Sean Flynn
18:00Farewell drinks at Amstelhaven