Mariana Francese Coutinho


Coutinho, M.F., Delinavelli, G., Fahy, R., Irion, K., Jusić, T., Kersevan Smokvina, T., Klimkiewicz, B., Llorens, C., Rozgonyi, K., Svensson, S., Til, G. van

The independence of media regulatory authorities in Europe

2019, (Capello, M. (ed.), IRIS Special 2019-1, European Audiovisual Observatory, Strasbourg).

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Bednarski, M., Coutinho, M.F., McGonagle, T., Zimin, A.

Preview: Elections and media in digital times

2019, (Preview of an In-Focus edition of the World Trends in Freedom and Expression and Media Development).

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