Jef Ausloos


Ausloos, J., Mahieu, R.

Harnessing the collective potential of GDPR access rights: towards an ecology of transparency

Internet Policy Review, 2020, (Opinion).

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Ausloos, J., Leerssen, P., Thije, P. ten

Operationalizing Research Access in Platform Governance: What to learn from other industries?


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Ausloos, J.

Technologiereuzen moeten zeggen hoe ze ons gedrag bepalen en zo dwingen we dat af

2020, (Opinie).

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Ausloos, J., Mahieu, R., Veale, M.

Getting Data Subject Rights Right: A submission to the European Data Protection Board from international data rights academics, to inform regulatory guidance

JIPITEC, 10 (3), 2019.

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Ausloos, J., Helberger, N., Leerssen, P., Vreese, C.H. de, Zarouali, B.

Platform ad archives: promises and pitfalls

Internet Policy Review, 8 (4), 2019.

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