Information Law Series

Kluwer Law International publishes the Information Law Series under the editorial responsibility of the Institute for Information Law. Professor Hugenholtz is general editor-in-chief of the series. See below a listing of the volumes that have appeared in the series.

48.Imposing Data Sharing among Private Actors: A Tale of Evolving Balances, T. Tombal, 2022, ISBN: 9789403541600.
47.Between Empowerment and Manipulation: The Ethics and Regulation of For-Profit Health Apps, M. Sax, 2021, ISBN: 9789403537917.
46.Intellectual Property and Sports: Essays in Honour of P. Bernt Hugenholtz, M. Senftleben, J. Poort, M. van Eechoud, S. van Gompel & N. Helberger, 2021, ISBN: 9789403537337.
45.Exceptions in EU Copyright Law: In Search of a Balance Between Flexibility and Legal Certainty, T. Rendas, 2021, ISBN: 9789403523958.
44.The Copyright / Trademark Interface: How the Expansion of Trademark Protection Is Stifling Cultural Creativity, M. Senftleben, 2021, ISBN: 9789403523705.
43.Pluralism or Universalism in International Copyright Law, T.E. Synodinou, 2019, ISBN: 9789403503554.
42.Protecting Individuals Against the Negative Impact of Big Data: Potential and Limitations of the Privacy and Data Protection Law Approach, M. Oostveen, 2018, ISBN: 9789403501314.
41.Copyright Reconstructed: Rethinking Copyright’s Economic Rights in a Time of Highly Dynamic Technological and Economic Change, P.B. Hugenholtz, 2018, ISBN: 9789041191038.
40.Copyright in the Age of Online Access: Alternative Compensation Systems in EU Law, J.P. Quintais, 2017, ISBN: 9789041186676.
39.European Intermediary Liability in Copyright: A Tort-Based Analysis, C. Angelopoulos, 2017, ISBN: 9789041168351.
38.Securing Private Communications: Protecting Private Communications Security in EU Law – Fundamental Rights, Functional Value Chains, and Market Incentives, A.M. Arnbak, 2016, ISBN: 9789041184597.
37.The Internet and the Emerging Importance of New Forms of Intellectual Property, S. Frankel & D. Gervais, 2016, ISBN: 9789041184610.
36.The Inventiveness Requirement in Patent Law: An Exploration of Its Foundations and Functioning, L.W.P. Pessers, 2016, ISBN: 9789041183354.
35.New Developments in EU and International Copyright Law, I.A. Stamatoudi, 2016, ISBN: 9789041159915.
34.Intellectual Property Law and Human Rights, 4th edition, P.L.C. Torremans, 2020, ISBN: 9789041158369.
33.Improving Privacy Protection in the Area of Behavioural Targeting, F.J. Zuiderveen Borgesius, 2015, ISBN: 9789041159908.
32.Open Source Software and Intellectual Property Rights, V.N. Vasudeva, 2014, ISBN: 9789041152282. 
31.The Variable Scope of the Exclusive Economic Rights in Copyright, S. Depreeuw, 2014, ISBN: 9789041149152. 
30.Protection of Geographic Names in International Law and Domain Name System Policy, H.A. Forrest, 2013, ISBN: 9789041146823. 
29.Codification of European Copyright Law: Challenges and Perspectives, T-E. Synodinou, 2012, ISBN: 9789041141453. 
28.Digital Consumers and the Law: Towards a Cohesive European Framework, N. Helberger, L.M.C.R. Guibault, M. Loos, C. Mak, L. Pessers & B. van der Sloot, 2012, ISBN: 9789041140494. 
27.Search Engine Freedom: On the Implications of the Right to Freedom of Expression for the Legal Governance of Web Search Engines, J. van Hoboken, 2012, ISBN: 9789041141286. 
26.Media Pluralism and European Law, E. Komorek, 2012, ISBN: 9789041138941. 
25.Copyright and the Challenge of the New, B. Sherman & L. Wiseman, 2012, ISBN: 9789041136695. 
24.Property Rights in Personal Data: A European Perspective, N. Purtova, 2012, ISBN: 9789041138026. 
23.Formalities in Copyright Law: An Analysis of their History, Rationales and Possible Future, S. van Gompel, 2011, ISBN: 9789041134189. 
22.Trademark Protection and Freedom of Expression: An Inquiry into the Conflict between Trademark Rights and Freedom of Expression under European Law, Wolfgang Sakulin, 2011, ISBN: 9789041134158.
21.Copyright Enforcement and the Internet, I.A. Stamatoudi, 2010, ISBN: 9789041133465. 
20.The Software Interface between Copyright and Competition Law: A Legal Analysis of Interoperability in Computer Programs, A. van Rooijen, 2010, ISBN: 9789041131935. 
19.Harmonizing European Copyright Law: The Challenges of Better Lawmaking, M.M.M. van Eechoud, P.B. Hugenholtz, S. van Gompel, L.M.C.R. Guibault & N. Helberger, 2009, ISBN: 9789041131300. 
18.Intellectual Property and Human Rights: Enhanced Edition of Copyright and Human Rights, P.L.C. Torremans, 2008, ISBN: 9789041126535. 
17.Public Broadcasting and European Law: A Comparative Examination of Public Service Obligations in Six Member States, I. Katsirea, 2008, ISBN: 9789041125002. 
16.The Future of the Public Domain: Identifying the Commons in Information Law, L.M.C.R. Guibault & P.B. Hugenholtz, 2006, ISBN: 9789041124357.
Chapter 1: The Future of the Public Domain. An introduction
15.Controlling Access to Content: Regulating Conditional Access in Digital Broadcasting, N. Helberger, 2005, ISBN: 9041123458. 
14.Copyright and Human Rights: Freedom of Expression – Intellectual Property – Privacy, P.L.C. Torremans, 2004, ISBN: 9041122788. 
13.Copyright, Limitations and the Three-Step Test: An Analysis of the Three-Step Test in International and EC Copyright Law, M. Senftleben, 2004, ISBN: 9041122672. 
12.Choice of Law in Copyright and Related Rights: Alternatives to the Lex Protectionis, M.M.M. van Eechoud, 2003, ISBN: 9041120718. 
11.The Commodification of Information, N. Elkin-Koren & N. Weinstock Netanel, 2002, ISBN: 9041198769. 
10.Data Protection Law: Approaching its Rationale, Logic and Limits, L.A. Bygrave, 2002, ISBN: 9041198709. 
9.Copyright Limitations and Contracts: An Analysis of the Contractual Overridability of Limitations on Copyright, L.M.C.R. Guibault, 2002, ISBN: 9041198679. 
8.Copyright and Electronic Commerce: Legal Aspects of Electronic Copyright Management, P.B. Hugenholtz, 2000, ISBN: 9041197850. 
7.Copyright and Photographs: An International Survey, Y. Gendreau, A. Nordemann & R. Oesch, 1999, ISBN: 9041197222. 
6.Intellectual Property and Information Law: Essays in Honour of Herman Cohen Jehoram, J.J.C. Kabel & G.J.H.M. Mom, 1998, ISBN: 9041197028. 
5.From Privacy Toward a New Intellectual Property Right in Persona, J.C.S. Pinckaers, 1996, ISBN: 9041103554. 
4.The Future of Copyright in a Digital Environment, Proceedings of the Royal Academy Colloquium, P.B. Hugenholtz, 1996, ISBN: 9041102671. 
3.Challenges to the Creator Doctrine: Authorship, Copyright Ownership and the Exploitation of Creative Works in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States, J.M.B. Seignette, 1994, ISBN: 9065448764. 
2.Information Law Towards the 21st Century, W.F. Korthals Altes, E.J. Dommering, P.B. Hugenholtz & J.J.C. Kabel, 1992, ISBN: 9065446273. 
1.Protecting Works of Fact: Copyright, Freedom of Expression and Information Law, E.J. Dommering & P.B. Hugenholtz, 1991, ISBN: 9065445676.