Former Staff
Marcel Dellebeke

Curriculum Vitae

Marcel Dellebeke studied, inter alia, Dutch civil law and notarial law at Leiden University and Intellectual Property Law at Emory University (Atlanta, USA). After graduating he has worked for the Institute for Information Law as a researcher (1994-1999), as editor of publications like Mediaforum, IRIS and the Omroep & Commercie-series, and as writer of, inter alia, chapters of the Dutch manual on advertising law (Praktijkboek Reclamerecht). He was also attorney-at-law (1997-2001) and senior researcher at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society (TILT, Tilburg University, 2000-2006), where he did PhD-research for a thesis on the regulation of unsolicited electronic commercial communication. He also writes legal opinions on advertising and sponsorship rules for the Dutch media authority (Commissariaat voor de Media) since 1994. At the Institute Marcel was, inter alia, editor of the Kluwer European Copyright Case Law service.

Updated 03.07.2012