Former staff
Johan Axhamn

Curriculum Vitae

Johan Axhamn conducted research at IViR on the Nordic Extended Licensing model in relation to the Europeana project. Prior to this Johan was a visiting intellectual property scholar at Kernochan Center for Law, Media and the Arts at Columbia Law School , New York, during September and October 2010.

Johan is a PhD candidate in private law at Stockholm University, Sweden, where he conducts research and is a teacher in intellectual property law. His PhD project deals with the EU database directive, especially the sui generis database right and its interface with competition law and fundamental rights.


(met L. Guibault) Cross-border extended collective licensing: a solution to online dissemination of Europe’s cultural heritage?, Amsterdam: Institute for Information Law August 2011. Final report prepared for EuropeanaConnect.


Music and film on the Internet - Opportunity or threat? Ministry publications series, Sweden, 2007.

Copyright law in Sweden, in Copyright Throughout the World (looseleaf publication), ed. S. von Lewinski, Thomson/West.


Moral rights in the Nordic countries, in Moral Rights, ed. Davies & Garnett, Thomson/Sweet & Maxwell.



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